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Security abroad

Global Services

The area of "Global services" covers the consulting and accompainment of enterprises or authorities and their employees abroad in Germany and other countries worldwide.


Our experts have a big experience background from national and international activities in the security area out of authorities like police and armed forces mostly. They unite intercultural competence with a high expertise. The worldwide network helps to get an immediate flow of information and action options matched on the individual regions. This experience finds immediate influence in the consultation activity and therefore leads to a balanced relationship between theoretical approaches and pragmatic solutions.

Global Risk and Crises Management Security Solution

Consulting Services

The consulting services satisfy the demand to help customers to get the attainment of their objectives - no matter in which environment they must move for this. We like to accompany our customers both, professional at the headquarters of their enterprise or to remote branch offices worldwide and in their private environment. We are available round-the-clock for the preventative and reactive measures the whole year.

We offer the following services:

  • booking of hotels and other accommodations
  • supply of vehicles
  • supply of service and security staff
  • organization of the visit
  • preparation of security and safety concepts
  • organization and supply of equipment
  • preparation trainings for stay in foreign countries
  • provision of interpreters/translators
  • provision of personal assistants
  • backoffice for information obtaining and enquiry
  • crisis hotline and provision of crisis intervention teams

Governance Security

Consulting Services

We consult with our experts in the areas of justice, security, politics and military authorities worldwide to reform and restructure existing structures in terms of security in general.

These include, for example, training and further education of special units of the police and the military, as well as procurement support for material, equipment and service, detection and search dogs.

We provide the following services:

  • training access units
  • training of protection search and detection dogs
  • training of dog handlers
  • support for police and military reforms
  • counseling in crisis situations
  • provision of experts
  • quality control
  • assistance with procurement of equipment and material
  • training of security forces
  • training of aviation security control forces
  • crisis hotline and provision of crisis intervention teams