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ORS online

ORS online is an internet-based training and education system that gives aviation security staff and people trained in the field of aviation security with the ability to practice X-ray image recognition and document the times and results used as compulsory training.

The Aviation Safety Training Ordinance (LuftSiSchulV) determines that aviation security control staff in accordance with the regulations. §§ 8 and 9 air safety law (LuftSiG), participants of the safety supply chain in accordance with the regulations §9a LuftSiG and aviation security assistants acc. §5 LuftSiG have to train the evaluation of X-rays at least 1 hour per month to retain their certification.

As a possibility to fulfill this obligation, the ASW Academy for Security and Business GmbH, offers the ORS online system for its customers in addition to the annual in-house training. With the help of this system the validation of the training times is easy. Supervisors can also control this commitment and help to ensure that employees complete the training on schedule.

Since a complete documentation of training is also required for the re-certification, we recommend the use of a corresponding system, which simplifies these obligations from now on. Additional service features are the possibility to deposit all types of certificates in the system (for example, certification certificates, ZÜP, certificates of competence, etc.) and appointment reminders for important dates (such as recertification, renewal of radiation protection instructions, etc.). In order to ensure that the individual users are in fact the registered persons, the system currently uses the identification by user name and password.

The system will shortly be using biometric identification as an additional backup which will then ensure that the user who completes his training, is actually signed in. For more information, please contact